Deaf News in Review – Week 13



FSDB students construct on-site golf parking
Planning for the grand multiple-step golf cart parking project at Florida School for the Deaf and the Blind began with a request to the Deaf High School’s Building a Tradesman (BAT) program.

Florida School for Deaf and Blind coach takes home inaugural award
Russ Koenig is head coach of the girls’ flag football team at the Florida School for the Deaf and the Blind (FSDB) in St. Augustine, Fla. In late March, he became the inaugural recipient of the Jaguars’ Whataburger High School Coach of the Week honor following his team’s 32-12 victory in their season opener over Baldwin High School.



Hearing or not, this basketball camp promises the best week of your life
This time next week, basketball season will have officially ended for Mike Glenn, and another, all-important season will begin.


ISD to hold third annual Deaf Cultural Celebration
Iowa School for the Deaf will hold its third annual Deaf Cultural Celebration Friday night and Saturday at the Lied Multipurpose Complex and ISD Museum.


Inspiring Deaf Basketball Coach Gets Surprise Message From Favorite Player Kobe Bryant
In honor of our 13th season, we’ve been turning the number 13 into a lucky one all season long by giving 13 of our viewers incredible surprises (remember this Dale Earnhardt Jr. superfan?)


New bill calls for deaf and blind school to be built in Nevada
As Nevada legislators enter week nine of the 80th session, a new bill will soon be introduced that calls for more assistance to students who are deaf, hard-to-hear, and blind.

North Carolina

Nonprofit gives deaf students the gift of music
Four Eastern North Carolina School for the Deaf students sat in a semicircle strumming guitars. To each one of them, the experience was different.


Closed captioning may soon be required in Seattle bars, restaurants and other public places
Seattle City Council members are expected to discuss legislation Tuesday that would require closed captioning to be activated on all TVs in public spaces.

South Dakota

Born deaf and mute, Lee recalls school nearly 80 years ago
“You belong here” doesn’t have to be said. It can be felt. For Countryside Living resident Dean Lee, who was born unable to hear or speak, there is no question that he belongs.



Family face deportation from Australia because deaf son deemed taxpayer ‘burden’
A Bhutanese family who have lived and worked in Australia since 2012 are appealing to the immigration minister to give them permanent residency after it was refused because their deaf son would be a “cost” to the taxpayer.


Lost years: Mother of deaf girl urges parents to learn sign language as soon as possible
Allison Chandler may be deaf, but the six-year-old Rothesay child has no problem letting her mother know she’d like some soda pop and she’d like it right away.

South Africa

Finding confidence in deafness
Mary Kihn School for the Deaf in Observatory could soon get more donations through more regular fund-raising events that will be held throughout the year.

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