News from the Pink Dome

On Monday, the House passed Representative Guillen’s HB 678, which allows students to earn on foreign language credit by completing an ASL course at an elementary school. The bill has been referred to Senate Education Committee.

The House Administration Committee heard testimony on Representative Gonzalez’ HB 588, regarding proper terminology used by the legislature when addressing persons who are Deaf and hard of hearing.

On Wednesday, the House passed Representative Huberty’s school finance reform bill, HB 3. For the past year, legislators have been working on a solution to fund public education. The bill allocates $6.3 billion for public schools and $2.7 billion for property taxes. The final vote was 148 to 1.

The Senate Finance Committee passed HB 1 as substituted, on Wednesday. The committee substitute is the Senate Finance Committee version of the state budget, which would provide 3 additional special education employees, furniture, buses and a utility truck, salary adjustment for selected TSD staff, and some funding towards TSD’s campus master plan. The bill has been placed on the Senate Intent Calendar for Monday, April 8th.

On Thursday, Senate Education Committee passed Senator Lucio’s SB 1707, which would allow TSD’s governing board to employ security personnel and enter into a MOU with a local law enforcement agency to provide school resource officers.

Representative Darby’s HB 2255, relating to infant hearing screening, will be debated on the House floor on Tuesday, April 9th.

Senator Kirk Watson and Representative Eddie Rodriguez will be recognizing the TSD Lady Rangers basketball team from the gallery on April 10th in their respective chambers. You can view the event at the following links: HOUSE / SENATE.

A list of bills we are tracking can be viewed HERE.

The House of Representatives adjourned until 1:15 p.m. Monday, April 8.

The Senate adjourned until 2 p.m. Monday, April 8.


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