TSD Governing Board Holds Second Meeting of the Year

Board Meeting 

April 12, 2019

The TSD Governing Board held their second meeting of 2019.

Members present at the meeting were Eric Hogue, President, Shawn Saladin, Vice President, Susan Ridley, Secretary, Sha Cowan, Ryan Hutchison, David Saunders, and Angie Wolf.

At the start of the meeting, President Eric Hogue and Superintendent Claire Bugen recognized Susan Ridley and Tyran Lee for their service as Board Members. Governor Greg Abbott recently appointed new members to the TSD Governing Board.

The TSD Lady Rangers basketball team led the Governing Board in the Pledge of Allegiance and the Texas Pledge.

The Board recognized the Lady Rangers for a successful season. The Board also recognized the TSD Culinary Arts team for their win at the annual Deaf Culinary Bowl, last month.

Al York from McKinney York provided the Board a status report on the current master plan construction for the Toddler Learning Center and the Central Services Building. York explained that the buildings took into consideration flexibility, adaptability, and integration of Deaf space in its planning principles. Ground breaking is expected in Fall 2019 with a completion date of Spring 2021.

TSD’s International Studies students provided a presentation to the Board of their trip to Bolivia. The kids shared their experience visiting historical landmark sites, two national parks, and five Deaf schools. The superintendent and board members were intrigued by what the kids learned from their trip.

The superintendent provided her high-level report to the Governing Board. She started off by giving a status update of the Landry estate inherited by TSD. She also informed the Board of a new an anonymous reporting system purchased for staff and students called Anonymous Alert. Also mentioned was TSD’s collaboration with Lamar University to offer on-site teacher training as part of the university’s Masters in Deaf Education program. The superintendent discussed moving forward with supporting special needs students across the continuum with the specialized services and support they require. She informed the Board of the continued dialogue in the Rio Grande Valley regarding educational opportunities for Deaf and hard of hearing. She reminded the Board of the Governing Board Scholarships to be presented to one male student and one female student.

The Governing Board received a status on the legislature from the superintendent. She informed the Board that the general appropriations bill heads to conference committee, where selected senators and representatives will reach a compromise in funding. Board member Ryan Hutchison requested that the Public Information Officer keep the Board informed on the budget and any legislation the school is tracking.

The Board approved the minutes for the previous meetings, donation received by Texas Relay – Sprint for $500, support operations report, FY19 operating budget, and various employee contracts. The Board also approved a 4th year probationary contract, instructional materials and technology funds (IMAT), and several Board policies.

If you have questions or request additional information, please feel free to email the PIO at gabriel.cardenas@tsd.state.tx.us.


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