Deaf News in Review – Week 15



Art gives voice to a young artist
Timothy tries his hand in all types of art; whatever catches his fancy at the moment, springs his hands into action.


Willie Ross School for the Deaf
Willie Ross School for the Deaf (WRSD) hosted a groundbreaking ceremony on April 11 on a $1.2 million expansion to the campus. Local officials including state Rep. Brian Ashe and state Sen. Eric Lesser attended the event in support of the project.

New Jersey

Give Us a Sign
Kean’s American Sign Language (ASL) Club is an organization that seeks to educate the campus on the visual language and culture of the Deaf community. The group both helps students develop in their ASL abilities and hosts Deaf and ASL-themed events throughout the year.

South Carolina

Deaf singer who gained fame on ‘America’s Got Talent’ performs to support SC school
Harvey is an accomplished singer-songwriter who catapulted onto the national stage in 2017 when she appeared on “America’s Got Talent” and judge Simon Cowell hit the Golden Buzzer, awarding her a direct route to the live show in Hollywood. Cowell was very impressed with Harvey’s musicianship and with her personal story.


Utah School for the Deaf and Blind practiced preparedness in statewide earthquake drill
The Utah School for the Deaf and the Blind practiced preparedness and participated in the Great Utah ShakeOut on Thursday.


In the Classroom: Lessons in real life at the Va. School for the Deaf and the Blind
Five young men started Wednesday with a rather dreary set of tasks. First they sorted through their mail, which included paychecks, bills and, of course, plenty of junk.


Parent of special needs student on potential cuts in Mead: “It’s getting scary”
Living in Texas with her husband and two children, Mandi Waite was losing hope. “I know before I was a special needs mom, I was pretty ignorant to what went on around me and just thought there weren’t very many people. That’s just not true,” Waite said.



Echoes: A chain of cafes run by deaf and mute
Sign language boards at the entrance, flashcards with requests of frequently ordered dishes, customer friendly mechanisms to deal with the deaf and mute staff, Echoes is making the muted voices audible.

Republic of Croatia

Mate Rimac Employs First Deaf Person to Graduate from FER
Statistics show that about 12,000 deaf people live in the Republic of Croatia, but unfortunately it is rare for them to complete their higher education.


Call to change ‘crazy’ funding of special schools
An education law expert is calling on the Scottish government to fully fund schools such as the Royal Blind School in Edinburgh, arguing that the current system is “crazy” and leading to public money being wasted.

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