Deaf News in Review: Week 2



Fire department searching for hard of hearing people to give disability-friendly detectors
The Little Rock Fire Department has had dozens of calls this week for people eager to get free smoke detectors installed in their homes.


Partnership brings Chinese language instruction to Delaware School for the Deaf
A new program at the Delaware School for the Deaf is expected to pay dividends both here in Newark and in China.


Teachers struggle, scavenge for class supplies
Like nearly all teachers in America, Becky Cranson spends her own money to buy supplies for her students.


Battle for Legislative Captioning in Florida Will Continue
The 11th Circuit upheld a federal ruling Friday afternoon, refusing to dismiss a disability discrimination lawsuit brought by a deaf rights advocacy group over Florida’s alleged refusal to provide captioning for live and archived video recordings of legislative proceedings.


Learn basic sign language
Communication is so important in everyday life and now, residents have an opportunity to expand their communication skills by participating in a free basic sign language class.


Going from deaf to sound
While they may not be a solution to deafness, the technology of cochlear implants has helped Bonni Sweet live with her deafness differently.


Cheyenne’s song: Hearing-impaired Slidell actress forges a path in musical theater
It wasn’t supposed to be this way. But don’t tell Cheyenne Moore how things are “supposed” to be.


Boasting balance, MSD boys roll to Oriole Classic title
Last year, Maryland School for the Deaf’s boys basketball team wasn’t very multi-dimensional. The Orioles relied on maybe one or two players to handle most of the scoring and rebounding chores.


Harlem Globetrotter Chris “Animal” Hyche surprises students at Mississippi School for the Deaf
Harlem Globetrotters star and Provine graduate Chris “Animal” Hyche, who is fluent in American Sign Language, made a surprise appearance at the Mississippi School for the Deaf Tuesday.


Preschool at Missouri State helps deaf, hearing-impaired students gain literacy skills
Several times a week, Rebecca Mettler makes a 92-mile round-trip to Springfield to take her 4-year-old son to preschool.


Lawmaker pushes for American Sign Language to be legally recognized language in Neb.
Imagine your state doesn’t see the language you use as an actual language. That’s the case for some in Nebraska. Nebraska is one of five states that doesn’t recognize American sign language, also known as ASL.


Southern Tier Tuesday: Theater for the Deaf Program
The Catholic School students of Broome County are learning two skills: American Sign Language and theater performance.


Charlotte Sign Language Teacher Introduces Deaf American Girl Doll
The American Girl Doll of 2020 was unveiled last week at South Park Mall’s American Girl store in Charlotte.


Signing as a way of life
Manny Martin is using his two hands and fingers to make a very specific gesture and shape, and is asking “Why is that a week?” He gestures again and asks his students, “Why is that a month?” And then he explains the movement: “You go down the calendar” — “and then corrects a student. “Is your palm facing you?”


Sign Language Helps Shy Student Connect
S. C. Lee Junior High eighth grader Riley Wood peeks out from her bangs that she uses to hide her face. She watches her fingers move rapidly in front of her as they spell out words demonstrating her patriotism and love for her nation.


Why SD school districts struggle to teach deaf and hard of hearing children
Shawna Diedrich emptied tote after tote onto the living room carpet of her blue and gray house.


Utah County Republican Party settles lawsuit alleging violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act
The Utah County Republican Party and Utah Republican Party settled a lawsuit filed by two party members who allege the groups violated the Americans with Disabilities Act, or ADA, by not reasonably accommodating their disabilities.



Rona Lazo-Treloggen named in South Australia’s deaf cricket side
Though she is hearing impaired, Rona Lazo-Treloggen has not let her disability stop her from living life in the fast lane.

Deaf Australian family loses home from bushfires
The bushfires in Australia are still burning. At least 24 people have died and over 6 million hectares (over 15 million acres) have been burnt.


People’s History of Canada: The History of Deaf Communities in Canada
On May 13, 2019, federal Bill C-81 officially recognized American Sign Language, Quebec Sign Language, and Indigenous Sign Languages as the “primary languages for communication by Deaf persons in Canada.”


Deafway: From Preston to Nepal, the Deaf charity changing lives
Deafway has been supporting the Deaf community for 125 years. Founded in 1894 as a Deaf school, it is now the only Deaf charity in Lancashire, with its work extending as far as Nepal, Uganda, and Kenya.


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